Student Politics: Immature

Student politics is immature. Until it matures, it will remain inefficient and insignificant.

I have made no bones that I have issues with the Cambridge University Students Union (CUSU), as evidenced here. Previously I have argued, inter alia, against the motion which CUSU passed supporting the “End Week 5 Blues” campaign, and against CUSU’s lobbying the House of Lords, to pass new legislation on a minimum pay for internships.

Prima facie, antipathy to social change for the better seems inexcusable. However, the point that I wish to make (and which brings together my objections) is that student politics should not take up causes which they do not know enough about.

The key distinction between student politics and national politics is scale and resourcing. A successful political campaign requires astute planning and significant research. In protesting against Week Five blues, for example, there has been an active stirring from students against the university. It is not intelligent to aggravate those who could most easily remedy the situation. It would be intelligent where the campaign had researched other alternatives and proposed them and had had them rejected. But this is not the case.

Until student politics actually learns from the more mature campaigns, it will remain weak and ineffectual.


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